Traveling Japan One Bite at a Time |

Traveling Japan One Bite at a Time

If you're at all like me, you travel for food. One chef that I work with every day has just been invited as guest of honor on a culinary tour of Japan, and I figured it was worth sharing the details here.

First- while it's not cheap it is a pretty awesome value. At $3,775 you get round trip airfare and ground transportation for the entire 8 day trip, hotel accommodation (though that price does require sharing a room), and most of the meals. The tour goes through the cities of Sakai, Kyoto, and Tokyo with some pretty serious highlights in each location. A visit to the Daisho Shoyu factory, a hocho seminar (Japanese cutlery), and of course an early morning trip to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. I posted the full itinerary below- if you are interested in the trip, it looks like it will be an amazing tour. Just get in touch with Kathryn Oi at Amnet New York.

*I'm not incentivized to sell the trip (not getting paid or anything…. or even able to go myself), just wanted to share with Cooking District members because I'm insanely jealous that Angelo gets to go.


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