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When Getting Lazy Gets Expensive

For those of you on the media side of the food industry-have you ever had a recipe that you knew you should test, but thought, "what the hell, looks great on paper?" Well, a Chilean newspaper did just that and now they're paying through the nose for an exploding churro recipe:

"Judges determined that the newspaper failed to fully test [the churro recipe] before publication, and that if readers followed the recipe exactly, the churros had a good chance of exploding once the oil reached the suggested temperature. Grupo Copesa, which publishes the paper, said it will abide by the ruling.

Days after the recipe was published in the paper’s “Woman” magazine in 2004, hospitals around the country began treating women for burns suffered when the dough boiling in oil suddenly shot out of kitchen pots."

Source: Telegraph UK via Neatorama


ajschere001 • 12/28/2011
can I have that recipe?
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