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A Better Approach to Wine

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"We want to give you some pairings that are familiar, that feel comforting because they do have a history and a tradition behind them. But we also want to show you things that you never would've put together before." -Amanda Smetz, Roberta's

Small producers. Familiar yet out of the ordinary pairings. I love this kind of wine drinking.


antikmn • 08/06/2014
I just loved this video by these young entrepreneursThe talk straight and don't try to baffle you with the BS. They make me want to be up there in NY and be a part of their experienceFantasticKeep up the great work.
bbarnes001 • 08/07/2014
If you are ever in Brooklyn, Roberta's is one of the very best in the 5 BoroughsGoBBCMC
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