Friday Happy Hour: The Bacardi Apple Bite |

Friday Happy Hour: The Bacardi Apple Bite

This fall-inspired cocktail has a culinary twist -- an apple gastrique. The tartness of the apple gastrique provides a contrast is paired to the sweet oakiness of Bacardi's Gran Reserva Ocho Años, a super-premium mixing rum.

Mixologist Juan Coronado says: “Gastriques can dress up food or cocktails. The apple gastrique in the Bacardi Apple Bite imparts a nice and settled acidity and mellow sweetness. This cocktail has an elegant balance and a beautiful aroma of caramelized apples that I personally can enjoy all year round.”
Bacardi Apple Bite

· 2 parts BACARDI Gran Reserva Ocho Años
· 1 part Apple gastrique*
· Apple chip
Method: Stir all ingredients with ice until very cold, strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube. Garnish with an apple chip.

*Apple Gastrique
· 1 cup of fresh apple juice
· 1 cup of rice vinegar
· 1 cup of white sugar
Method: Mix all ingredients to dissolve the sugar, allow it to simmer over medium heat. Let it cool off and refrigerate after use.


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