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Chive Blossoms

What They Are Chive blossoms are the edible flower of the chive plant. The lavender hued beauties are aromatic, flavorful and are hitting your farmer's markets and herb gardens right about now. They taste mildly of onions or garlic.

How To Use Them Pinch your blossoms off at the top of the stem and rinse in cold water to debug your blooms. Use them whole to infuse vinegar or oils, garnish salads or dip in a quick batter and fry. They are also a natural partner for cream sauces, gratins, and eggs.

What Some Chefs Are Doing With Them Now Sid Wainer & Son in New Bedford, MA recently used chive blossoms on a salad of Mini Crown Red Mizuna. The Shack VA featured a chilled cucumber & buttermilk Soup, with pecan oil, pecans, and chive blossoms. Kindred Restaurant in Davidson, NC tops a North Carolina flounder crudo and sea urchin, with stinging nettle, heirloom carrot, and chive blossoms. Tosca Restaurant in Hingham, MA is filling Spinach tortellini with a potato-mascarpone filling topped with pork shank ragu, and chive blossoms. The Back Room ‏in NYC is featuring fried oyster mushrooms with chive blossoms. In Boston, Myers + Chang had a recent lunch special of Kalua pork with banana leaves, pineapple sambal and chive blossoms. And Loka Toronto has an intriguing marinated silver bass with crispy pig ears and chive blossoms.


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