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Stuffed Cranberry Grilled Cheese

Photo by The Sandwich Enthusiast
Stuffed Cranberry Grilled Cheese from The Sandwich Enthusiast

Let’s cut the turkey talk — stuffing and cranberries are the real heroes of the Thanksgiving table. And now, they get their very own starring role in a grilled cheese. Stuff yourself with this comfy leftovers masterpiece.

1/2 c leftover stuffing
1/2 c leftover cranberry sauce
2 slices mozzarella
2 slices cheddar
2 tbsp butter
2 slices Italian panella

1. Preheat your panini on high.
2. Spread butter on one entire side of each of the slices of panella.
3. Layer the mozzarella on the unbuttered side of one slice of bread and the cheddar on the other.
4. Spoon the stuffing and cranberry sauce onto the mozzarella.
5. Place the bread with cheddar on top of the cranberry sauce, cheddar side down.
6. Place the entire sandwich onto the panini press and press it.
7. Remove when cheese has fully melted or bread has browned, whichever comes first.
8. Cut in half, and have a camera ready for the beautiful pull-apart shot.


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