January 13, 2013 | CookingDistrict.com

January 13, 2013

The Washington Post traces the rise of Polish cuisine after the fall of Communism.

Looking back at Elvis's diet at NPR.

LAist looks at the first public orchard in Los Angeles.

A practical porchetta for the home cook in the Wall Street Journal.

NPR looks at an Austrian reality show that demonstrates the delicious potential of waste.

Iraqi cookbook author and culinary historian Nawal Nasrallah posts about the first modern cookbook in Iraq, published in 1946.

Under the sea at the Nordic Food Lab.

Bon Appetit looks at the moonshine renaissance.

Inside the meat lab. The Observer looks at the future of food.

Bloomberg profiles Sat Bains.

Terroir's wine apostle in the Wall Street Journal.

The Saveur 100. All of it.

Depressing stat of the week in the Guardian: Almost half of the world's food is thrown away.

Serious Eats goes behind the scenes at The Rare Barrel, Berkeley, California's first all-sour brewery.

The genetically modified “AquAdvantage“ salmon slides closer to being the first GM animal approved for human consumption at Civil Eats.

Popular Science contemplates what kind of dinosaur meat tasted best.

London restaurants' new alcohol-free offerings in The Telegraph.

Food & Wine recommends Winter beers that don't taste like spiced Pop-Tarts.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's scallop recipes in the Guardian.

Smithsonian looks at the Scoville scale.

How to butcher a pig's head in the Washington Post.


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