Clarify Juice with a Whole Lot of Gravity |

Clarify Juice with a Whole Lot of Gravity

Over at one of our favorite food blogs, Cooking Issues, FCI Chef Dave Arnold provides a great explanation of how the centrifuge is used to clarify liquids through separating them by density.

Essentially, liquids are spun at incredibly high speeds-this subjects them to forces thousands of times that of gravity. The heavier elements -orange pulp for example- are forced to the bottom of the container and form a 'puck.' Above that, the lighter, perfectly clear juice looks almost invisible. The technique will feasibly work on any liquid with suspended particles-separating nut oils from nut solids is just one other application mentioned by Arnold.

Dave Arnold obviously does a fantastic job further describing the process, the equipment, and what to be careful of (like never operate a centrifuge with the top open)-so check out the whole article for further details.


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