Blend Brisket and Dry-Aged Short Rib Burger |

Blend Brisket and Dry-Aged Short Rib Burger

In honor of National Burger Month in May, Executive Chef Cenobio Canalizo of Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C. in Grand Central has taken a different twist on the classic American hamburger and has been serving a new Blend Brisket and Dry-Aged Short Rib Burger for all guests during the month of May.

Inspired by his childhood in Mexico, Chef Canalizo’s new burger features poblano peppers and Oaxaca cheese with a side of plantain chips. He has shared the recipe for those who want to recreate the burger at home this summer.
Prepare the Pattie
1 Pound Ground Short Rib
1 Pound Ground Brisket
½ tsp Smoked Paprika
2 tbsp. BBQ Sauce
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper

Step #1: Prepare your grill to cook at direct heat of 450 to 550 F. You’ll be grilling at high heat right above the coals or gas burner.

Step #2: Mix ground short rib and ground brisket and form into 1 ½ inch thick patties (Any thinner and it will fall apart or dry out during grilling.)

Step #3: Sprinkle a bit of kosher salt and black pepper on both sides on your burger before placing them on the grill.

Step #4: Place your burger on the grill directly above the heat source and grill for 4 minutes each side (for a rare burger), giving the meat time to caramelize.

Step #5: Turn burger then add the poblano peppers and cheese on top of the burger for a minute or two for cheese to melt. Remove burger from heat and let them rest for five minutes. Serve with your favorite starch or vegetable.

8 ounces Oaxaca cheese, shredded by hand
2 pc Poblano Peppers
1 White Onion Sliced

Caramelize the onions in a hot saute pan with a tbsp of oil and grill the peppers on both sides for 3 minutes. Remove the skin and the seeds, then slice the pepper and mix with onions.

3 pc green plantains sliced and fried.


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