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Stuffing — or dressing — is one of those incredibly divisive Thanksgiving dishes. It's regional, it's familial. It's tradition. No matter how innovative a cook you are the rest of the year, we often insist on family recipes when it comes to what fills — or sits aside — the bird on the big day. On other nights I'm glad to try some sausage or seafood in a stuffing, but on Thanksgiving Day it's a simple onion, celery, parsley, and bread mixture, just what I learned from my grandmother. Our founder Lisa Brefere says of her pork sausage and sage inflected stuffing "Mine is traditional, taste and flavors of my childhood. Never ventured out of my comfort zone on this one in all my years of Thanksgiving." Co-founder Brad Barnes agrees and uses a family stuffing recipe which has roots in Texas and has been passed down for about 100 years. Content & Product Manager Zach Minot is such a big stuffing fan, that there will be 2 different stuffings on his Thanksgiving table — one laced with sausage and mushrooms, the second is meatless in at least spirit — no sausage but lots of stock.

Here are some of our favorite stuffings from our Cooking District contributors.


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