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Earliest cultivation of eggplant (also called aubergine) was found to be in China in the fifth century. It seemed to have gained popularity in the fifteenth century in Mediterranean Europe and such classic dishes as ratatouille and moussaka were created.

Botanically, eggplant is not considered a vegetable, but a berry. It’s known a good source of antioxidents, due to the color of the skin which contains anthocyanins. There are quite a few varieties of eggplant including the common dark oblong, striped Calliope, slim Japanese, and the small round Thai and Sicilian types.

Although you can find eggplant year-round, it’s at its peak from July through October. You’ll want to look for eggplants that have smooth glossy skin, a fresh looking stalk and feel a bit heavy. Some folks like to reduce some of eggplants bitterness by slicing the eggplants, salting the slices well and letting them stand in a colander for about a half hour. After the juices have drained out, rinse well and pat the slices dry. From this point you’re ready to use in any of your recipes and preparations.

Here are some recipes you may want to try!


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