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When Table-side Service Goes Horribly Wrong

File this under sad and scary restaurant stories: last weekend a rum heavy order of Bananas Foster literally exploded on four diners at Ozonoa Blue Grilling Co in Palm Harbor, FL. The dessert is usually prepared by adding bananas, butter, sugar, and cinnamon to pan before adding rum to flambé (typically table-side for maximum effect). A heavy pour lead to excessive flames and actually caught a guest's shirt on fire, giving her first and second degree burns. The NY Daily News reports that waitstaff was quick to react and there was even an off-duty fireman dining at the time, so officials say the injuries could have been much worse.


chefalchemy82 • 06/15/2011
Hehe...glad not serious...but, hehe
sbergstrom001 • 06/16/2011
Hehe? Not really that funny. Probably a nice lawsuit though.
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