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Squash Blossoms Are Here!

What do you know about squash blossoms? For us they symbolize how we’ve evolved at The Chef’s Garden. If it wasn’t for that fateful conversation with a chef who thought outside of the box and demanded we grow her squash blossoms, we’d still be growing for yield not flavor, beauty and nutrition.
Have you ever harvested a squash blossom yourself? If you have, you have a very watchful eye. You see, those delicate, sweet petals open up to show off their vibrant color….for only a few hours. After that they begin to whither and will no longer be usable.

When they’re open, they invite bees to come and savor their nectar and by them doing so, they pollinate the crop. Bees travel between both the male and female blossoms, which is how we end up with a fruit bearing plant. The female blossoms are said to be a bit sweeter and the male blossoms a bit stronger. But, by removing the stamen of the male blossom, it then eliminates the pollen producing portion that causes the bitter flavor.

Squash blossom season is a great reason to remember to eat your veggies!


rkessinger • 06/01/2011
can you cook with pumpkin blossoms as well?
Farmer Lee Jones • 06/02/2011
You can cook and use pumpkin blossoms, yes
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