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Earth Day

Have you every just taken a moment to lie out under the stars and imagine what the world was like a hundred years ago? Who was walking the ground beneath your body…what did it all look like…what was the state of the health of our planet?
This Earth Day, like every year, I like to reflect upon how fortunate we are to be blessed with such a precious resource. We need to consciously care for it, give back to it, and treat it with the respect it deserves. I am often heard saying, “We’re only trying to farm as well as our forefathers did a hundred years ago,” and that’s the absolute truth. We work to farm the soil, and nourish it with what it needs to grow healthy plants, healthy wildlife and healthy people.
You know, back in the 1970’s we were down to only two nesting pairs of bald eagles in our county due to the neglect and irresponsibility of how people were treating our farm land by using harsh chemicals. Back then, folks lacked the consideration of how water run off would affect our creeks and streams. The good news is that our efforts can make a difference! We now have up to 101 nesting pairs in our county alone. We are so honored to have one nest right here on the farm. We think it’s their way of saying “thank you” for taking care of their land and working slowly and gently in full accord with nature.
What are you doing this Earth Day to say you can make a difference? Whatever it may be…remember to Eat Your Veggies!


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