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Food Cultures Inspire from Across the Globe

From the other side of the globe comes a fascinating video that documents two food markets in Southeast Asia. The first market, Maeklong Market, exists smack in the middle of an eight line a day train track. The second, Damnoen Saduak Market, is a floating market in central Thailand.
Source: Neatorama


pblum001 • 04/20/2011
logged in and still can't see the video...can you help?
haisoodewa • 04/20/2011
Hello pblum001-sadly Vimeo's just denoted the video as privateIt's a bummer-the video has been getting a fair amount of attention on numerous sites (most not food related though) and really is a beautiful portrayal of this small area of Southeast Asian culinary culture. In it's place I just found a quick YouTube clip of the first market in the original videonot as beautifully done as the original but it'll give you an idea of the market■and it's pretty incredible.
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