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On the farm we start over each spring with a fresh slate, planning and picking what we want to grow, how we want to grow it and where we want to grow it. All those things are important planning steps for establishing a great garden. Our crops are planned, the process is underway and planting has begun. (I can’t tell you how much we miss getting dirty in the fields by this time each year!)
I suggest starting to look for the first crops of the season, like wild ramps and those flavorful fiddle head ferns. We’re also underway foraging wild morels which should be available all the way through end of May. And last but not least we finally have our first fruit of the season, rhubarb. I just love it for its sweet and tart flavor but also I think I appreciate it all that much more because of its limited availability.
I would encourage everyone to experience raising a garden of some sort. The benefits and rewards that you'll receive back far outweigh any amount of work. No doubt it will also give you an appreciation for what it takes to grow veggies on a continual basis. We think it provides a greater appreciation, respect and, in many ways, admiration for what we do on the farm. Again, I encourage you to get out there, plant a garden and reap benefits will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy gardening and remember eat your veggies!


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