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Springtime at the Farm

You know I love every season that Mother Nature offers us, but by the end of each one I am very much looking forward to the next. This winter in particular seemed to be longer than usual. We had extremely cold weather and an excess of snow, but its springtime now and we’re eagerly looking forward to all that it brings.
The soil is finally starting to thaw and you can actually smell the earth again. It's one of those smells unlike any other in the world; it smells cleansed and renewed after being frozen all winter long. Spring gives us that same feeling of being cleansed and renewed ourselves. We have the opportunity to start over, regardless of all the past mistakes we’ve made.
I love walking the farm each spring. The world is full of inspiring sights, sounds and smells…like daffodils peeking up through the soil, creeks tinkling with fresh, clean water, and sweet-smelling spring blossoms. The robins sing because the worms are back, which, to me, represents healthy soil and working in harmony with nature.

Come take a walk with me sometime.

And remember…eat your veggies!


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