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Peas and Quiet

Grandma shelling fresh peas before Sunday dinner is one of my fondest memories. All the grandkids looked forward to Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. It was a chance to play with our cousins, and bellies were always satisfied with Grandma’s home-cooked goodness. We were a rowdy bunch, but Grandma seemed to prefer our laughter and yelling to the peace and quiet of an empty house.
As kids, we never considered the time and labor involved in preparing a meal for us all. There were fourteen grandkids, not to mention parents and cousins and others invited to join in our weekly tradition. The effort she put into the meal was a testament to how much she cared for us, and I will always remember her for that.
Having finally learned what it takes to entertain, we try to make a chef’s job in the kitchen a little easier than Grandma’s was. It’s the reason we hand-harvest and hand-pack, and the reason we deliver products that require little-to-no prep time, like our snow peas, sugar snap peas and shelled English peas.
March’s fickle weather still allowed us one day to plant these cool-weather crops, so we are looking forward to harvest in about 60 days!


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