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Thinking Green

March always seems to get me thinking “green”. But more than just the beautiful green color I see throughout our greenhouses in March, I see an array of unique products.

One of my favorites is a little micro green called Chinese Toon. I like it not just for the flavor but for the great reactions I get from chefs when they describe it to us! I really get a kick out of hearing, “is that pot roast I taste?” Or, “really Farmer? bacon and eggs??” And my favorite, “how did you pack the flavor of French onion soup into a delicate little leaf?”
If you’ve never tasted or used Chinese Toon, I suggest giving it a shot. You may discover its next best use. Send me a note - let me know what you think. And, if you’re ever in China, keep your eyes open for the grown-up version: this gloriously beautiful tree. That’s right – a tree.


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