Seed Sorting For Healthy Plants |

Seed Sorting For Healthy Plants

It’s cold out here on the farm today-about 17 degrees. We’re gearing up however for our warmer months already. We’re doing this by starting the process of seed sorting. It sounds simple, but it’s actually quite complicated and time consuming.

You see, it’s the seed and the soil that reaps a healthy plant. We must use the very best of both so that we not only increase the likelihood that every plant will grow successfully, but that every one is nutrient dense, flavorful and absolutely beautiful. To find the very best seeds, we sort them by size and density. Our research team uses specialized equipment to do this. They also rely on the use of a germination chamber, which, by testing a sample from each batch of seeds, allows us to determine the likelihood that those will sprout into strong plants.

We rely on technology to help us work more efficiently out here on the farm. All the while we’re still growing slowly and gently, in full accord with nature.


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