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Fascinating Gelatin Technique: Gelatina Artistica

Rosaria Gamboa of Canela Bakery in Gaithersburg MD, creates each "Gelatina" -a bright, beautiful, flowery gelatin dessert- by hand. Working with a freshly set clear gelatin hemisphere, she inverts her medium and injects colored gelatin into the molds with hypodermic needles-some of them 'U' shaped-to create stamens, petals, and leaves. The fruit flavored desserts, popular in parts of Mexico for years now, are selling out in Maryland as they're high in protein and low in fat, all with a stunning appearance.


rfahnestock001 • 03/04/2011
WOW. that is simply amazing. art in the most delicious way. All though, it reminds me, in more than a passing glance, of a tattooed jelly fish, which i suppose is not entirely a bad thing.
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