Demand Turns Consumer Beef Prices Upside Down |

Demand Turns Consumer Beef Prices Upside Down

Tough economic times have consumers cutting back wherever possible, and that includes in the meat department. But something interesting has happened with beef prices-demand for Select grade beef has grown to such a high level that it is now fetching higher prices than superior Choice grade beef. As of Monday, Select grade beef had an average price tag of $168.22 per cwt (hundred weight); that's 55˘ more than the price for "Choice" beef. This is happening because so many consumers are actively seeking out the inferior product, traditionally priced cheaper. The economic abnormality is self-correcting though; as consumers see Choice beef for less the price tide will turn again.


chiefie2411 • 02/15/2011
This has been going on for the past few years. The higher grade cattle didn't know there was a recession coming. The market is saturated with Choice and Prime meat
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