CNBC Top 10 List of Food-Centric Cities Has Some Surprises |

CNBC Top 10 List of Food-Centric Cities Has Some Surprises

A town's food scene isn't always defined by the total number of Michelin stars within city limits. Sperlings Best Places composed a list of what they consider to be the best food focused cities in the country by accounting for the everyday meals all of us eat as well as the availability to source good ingredients. Oddly enough, New York City, Chicago, and New Orleans did not make the cut.

"...Sperlings Best Places crunched numbers, using the following city data: ratio of local restaurants to chain restaurants, number of Whole Foods and cooking stores, number of wine shops, wine bars, craft breweries, and brew pubs; and the number of CSA (community supported agriculture) farms and local farmers markets. (Note: given populations are for metro areas.) "

Santa Rosa CA
Portland OR
Burlington VT
Portland ME
San Francisco CA
Providence RI
Boston-Cambridge MA
Seattle WA
Santa Fe NM
Santa Barbara CA
-Butcher Board at Bluebird in Burlington VT



sclapp • 02/03/2011
Are you kidding me. I currently live in New Mexico and Santa Fe has some decent restaurants, but to pick it over Chicago or New Orleans is ridiculous. Generally, Santa Fe's top restaurants would, for the most part, not make it in Chicago or New Orleans on quality of food or service. I have also lived in Chicago and I think it has the best food scene, top to bottom, of anywhere in the country.
jezratty001 • 02/07/2011
I think the high end cuisine in Santa Fe is rather low end, I agree. BUT, the food most people want to eat on a day-to-day basis, like Tomasita's, is insanely delicious and made with great local ingredients. I was blown away enough to request a tour of the kitchen and get their supply-chain story. Geronimo may have been the worst meal i've had in a long time, and at (literally) 10x the price of Tomasita's or Rancho de Chimayo.
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