Controversial Strawberry Pesticide Approved |

Controversial Strawberry Pesticide Approved

Methyl iodide, known to be a toxic and carcinogenic substance, has now been approved in 47 states as a pesticide for strawberries. The substance will be used now that the EPA has accepted it as an alternative to methyl bromide "'which was being phased out because it was found to damage the ozone layer' back in 2007."

The San Francisco Chronicle drew attention to the fact that "more than two dozen California legislators and 54 scientists, including six Nobel laureates," have all signed a letter opposing use of the chemical. Made by Arysta Life-Science Corp, the substance is injected into the land where the strawberries are grown or it can be applied directly to the strawberries without any direct effect to the fruit.


chefhank • 01/15/2011
GreatI want to explain this to my customers. No affect on the strawberry? I bet the first affect will be organic $$$$$.
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