The General Perception of Restaurant Websites |

The General Perception of Restaurant Websites

I see impressive restaurant websites every now and again, but I think many of them are Flash-based, limited information works in progress. So someone has dedicated an entire blog to things "Never said about restaurant websites," and it's actually pretty funny. The site lets others submit quotes as well as offering restaurateurs some quick and easy steps for making a site that doesn't leave your customers hanging. A couple favorite quotes are posted below, but be sure to check out the site for plenty more.

“I like when the music blasts as soon as the site loads. It signals to everyone at work that I am going out to eat!”

“Well of course hours will be located on the Contact Us page. I’d be foolish to look anywhere else!”

"I hope the phone number and address are actually images so I can't copy and paste them!"

“I log on more frequently since I know the menu is coming soon.”

"Broken links tell me that this place really focuses its energy on its food, not on ‘image’ or ‘good customer service.’"

“Why would anyone want to skip this intro? I think I’ll watch it again.”


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