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NYC Regulating Tips

The New York Department of Labor has issued new rules for gratuity after recent tipping lawsuits have pushed the department into trying put a little legal definition around a previously 'customary' area of the restaurant bill. The new rules let employers decide how the staff will handle tips: whether tips are all pooled, whether bussers get tipped out, etcetera. But the new rules also prevent any business owners "skimming" tips and try to define just which restaurant workers are allowed to receive tips (most workers as long as they are not managers). The rules also say that any gratuity on the bill must actually be gratuity. Restaurants cannot post "20% added to parties of 6 or more" with giving the whole 20% collected to tips.
Source: and via The Consumerist


cnelson • 01/06/2011
I was a single mom in Lincoln, NE and supported three kids on tips. The amount of tips I made was more than the amount that I could receive any state other than medical for my children only and housing. I gave my customers great service there they tipped me well and would request me the next visit. i pre-bussed my own tables and bussed and re-sat my tables to get the business I required to make the money that I did. By the way my x-husband now owes me $60,000 in back child support. I don't think especially within the servers themselves they should have to share tips. I have also worked in a situation such as this and then you have wait staff that stands there and watches you make all the money and then you have to split it with them. THAT IS WRONGThat server worked hard to please there customers and deserve the whole tip
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