Zagat Study Confirms: The Tasting Menu is Not All That Healthy |

Zagat Study Confirms: The Tasting Menu is Not All That Healthy

Zagat has confirmed what many fine-dining patrons haven't even considered: the amount of calories consumed with most tasting menus can fill up your whole daily allowance and then some. The USDA claims that most people only need between 2,200 and 2,800 calories per day. The average calorie count for the five restaurants they studied came out to a whopping 2,242 calories per meal. The article has received mixed feedback on Zagat's site-many members are calling foul on portion sizes and others are pointing out that it really doesn't matter all that much-these are meals that diners treat themselves to very rarely. However, there are just as many customers on the other side of the argument that are astonished to read the calorie counts for some of the below tasting menus.

Have your customers ever asked or cared about the calorie count on your tasting menu?
Number of courses: 16
Price: $385
Total calories: 1,470
Total w/ wine: 1,720

Number of courses: 8–10 (depending on availability)
Price: $120
Total calories: 1,910
Total w/ wine: 2,160

Per Se:
Number of courses: 10
Price: $275
Total calories: 2,320
Total w/ wine: 2,590

Number of courses: 12
Price: $140
Total calories: 2,465
Total with wine: 2,715

Number of courses: 16–20
Price: $195
Total calories: 3,045
Total w/ wine: 3,295

Check out the article to get further opinions and insight on the different menus and particular dishes that were referenced for the story.
Above: The kitchen at Alinea in Chicago

Source: Zagat


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