Jean-Luc Naret Steps Down as Michelin Director |

Jean-Luc Naret Steps Down as Michelin Director

At the end of the year, Jean-Luc Naret will retire from his current position as the director of Michelin guides. During his time with Michelin he stretched the restaurant guide's coverage all the way to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macao, Kyoto, and Osaka, San Francisco, and soon, Chicago (coming out this November). This year's NYC edition was met with some controversy as Del Posto was only awarded 1 star by Michelin yet earned 4 stars from the New York Times.

He will remain a consultant for Michelin.


jtuthill001 • 10/26/2010
I fail to see what the controversy is in regard to Del Posto? Clearly, Michelin maintains there is no practice of awarding multiple stars based on Mario Batali's television popularity. Such stellar credentials are earned the hard way and there is no other way. In addition, The New York Times is in no way, shape or form representative of Michelin and the integrity within. Best wishes to Jean-Luc Naret in his future endeavors-
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