Four States Now Allow Guns in Bars Serving Alcohol |

Four States Now Allow Guns in Bars Serving Alcohol

The New York Times is reporting that Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, and Virginia have recently enacted laws "explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars" for gun owners with concealed weapons permits. There are eighteen other states that allow loaded weapons in restaurants serving alcohol. The recent legislation in the four states comes after the Supreme Court ruled that citizens have individual rights to arm themselves, not just rights associated with "well-regulated militias." The recent laws have sparked additional debate for the longtime controversial subject. Of course, food service professionals are caught in the middle. Many restaurant and bar owners do not want to lose the business of gun owners but also have employees that don't feel comfortable serving armed patrons. The law has only been officially challenged once though, The New York Times reports:

"Filed by an anonymous waiter, the complaint contended that allowing guns into a tavern creates an unsafe work environment for servers. His complaint was denied by the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health."


chefmjg • 10/06/2010
I like that these state passed the common sense laws. Hopefully more states will start to relax and understand that us CHL holders are law abiding citizens. Miniscule, if any crimes with guns are EVER committed by a CHL holder...we're the good guysBesides, if there ever is a problem with a whack-job criminal who has a gun pointed at you, or your loved ones, wouldn't you want an armed citizen there with you in seconds when the police are minutes (at best) away? Think about it
jtuthill001 • 11/21/2010
Chefmjg's views are that of a personal assessment. In a restaurant, there is the cardinal rule of decorum that is expected of all patrons which most certainly inlcudes proper conduct and edicate-A bar is unlike a restaurant whereby the customer patrons the establsihment simply to consume alcohol. It is common knowledge that human behavior is unpredictable when alcohol is involved. The combination of alcohol and firearms in a bar where patrons are not expected to maintain decorum in the same manner as in a restaurant does not mix. The fact that OSHA dismmissed the claim for an unsafe work environment proves how ignorant the agency is and it has no regard for the welfare of the claimant nor the workforce employed in Bars. There is no such thing as a safe environment where guns and alcohol co-exist to the contrary of popular opinion.
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