Is Your Restaurant Going through an Audit? |

Is Your Restaurant Going through an Audit?

If it is, here's a helpful resource to make sure you stay aware of every step in the process. American Express links to this 10 part series that outlines the audit process by breaking it down into the following steps:

  • What is an IRS Audit?

  • You’ve been contacted – what should you do next?

  • Should you get a representative?

  • How do you prepare your records for the audit?

  • What happens when you have an audit at the IRS?

  • What happens when the IRS audit occurs at your location?

  • What happens after your first appointment?

  • What happens when you agree with the audit findings?

  • What happens when you disagree with the audit findings?

  • If you owe, what are your payment options?

If your restaurant is caught in the middle of this nerve-racking process, knowing where to find this information can save your sanity.


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