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'Paté Police' Protests Continue

The Animal Rescue and Protection League -the group that protested at Momofuku, at Telepan, and at Per Se- protested in front of Commerce last night. Eater.com points out that a "list of 'victories' on ARPL’s website cites Gaby, Brasserie Julien, Le Refuge, JoJo, and Rene Pujol as restaurants that have taken foie gras off the menu — Rene Pujol and Le Refuge have closed, and hostesses at Brasserie Julien and JoJo say foie gras might return to the respective menus at some point."
Source: Grubstreet


jtuthill001 • 11/22/2010
As a rule, protestors do more harm than good because they don't even know what cause they are defending. In this case, not all duck and goose foie gras is from game birds that are forced fed-Perhaps, these protestors should be on the steps of Capital Hill mocking the corrupt career politicians destroying this country-
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