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Have You Experienced 'Pine Mouth?'

Have You Experienced 'Pine Mouth?' Have you even heard of it? 'Pine Mouth' is a "vile, bitter-metallic taste in your mouth that you just can't shake after eating pine nuts." It doesn't actually make you sick, but it makes everything you eat or drink taste horrible...and can last anywhere from two days to two weeks. It rarely hits eaters-I eat pinenuts all the time & have yet to experience it myself-but over the past few months the FDA has been getting more & more complaints about it.

No one knows what causes 'Pinemouth' yet, but there are two strong theories. The first is that some packages are stored improperly & a rancid pinenut oil could possibly be causing the outbreak of 'Pinemouth.' The second theory points to imported pinenuts from China. Researchers in Switzerland identified two species of pinenuts being grown in China that have not traditionally been part of our pinenut supply. There's no definitive data that these are the pinenuts causing the bad reactions, but the second theory is that one of these species of pinenut has worked its way into the national supply and is causing the recent flood of 'Pinemouth' reports.
Source: NPR


mythchef • 07/07/2010
My sous Chef had it terrible took 2 weeks for his taste buds to return to normal
kaffeenjunkie • 07/08/2010
Same here, one of my line cooks. Said everythng he ate was just awful tasting or weird. Took a couple weeks to return to normal. Won't touch a pine nut again.
cleite • 07/08/2010
Would slightly browning the pinenuts remove this effect? I guess we are once again validating the "going local" trend.
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