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Who Says Green Is Expensive? Compost Service Saves Restaurants $$$

Rian Bedard, a recent San Francisco to New Hampshire transplant, has started a restaurant-pick up composting company in NH with the help of a friend. Many of the local chefs have wanted to make the switch to composting organic food scraps, but haven't had the space or infrastructure to do it on site. Bedard's company, Eco-movement, hauls customers' compostable waste off to two different processing locations, where it then decomposes over time and is eventually sold to local farmers and landscapers.

Evan Mallett, chef and co-owner of Black Trumpet restaurant in Portsmouth, N.H estimates he’s saving about $150 a month in garbage fees.

Jeffery Cobbs, head chef at Bella Sol Restaurant, says "As soon as you put the procedure in place, it’s very easy. You take your compost bucket, you have it online with you, you throw all of your scraps from the produce that you get — and it goes out at the end of the night, and those guys come and pick it up for you." He estimates he's saving about 75% on his waste costs.
Source: NPR


tschuckman001 • 06/04/2010
Love to know if there is a company in North NJ area that does that
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