Beijing Zoo Let's Visitors Taste What They View |

Beijing Zoo Let's Visitors Taste What They View

The Beijing Zoo offers visitors a chance to view many exotic animals and then dine on the species. For between 100 and 1,000 yuan ($20-$200) the zoo restaurant offers:

-Kangaroo Tail
-Deer's Penis
-Ant soup
-Ostrich Egg
-Shark Fin Soup

Unsurprisingly, the menu has stirred up controversy:

"It is utterly inappropriate for a zoo to sell such items," said Ge Rui of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. "One of the zoo's missions is to foster love of animals and a desire to protect them. But by selling the meat of caged beasts, this zoo stimulates consumption and increases pressure on the animals in the wild. It is socially irresponsible."

The owners the restaurant would not provide a comment to the Guardian, but told domestic media that "the meat was from exotic animal farms and its sale had been going on for several years with the full approval of the authorities."
Source: Guardian via Neatorama


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