Chicago Tribune Lists Their 10 Most Annoying Diners |

Chicago Tribune Lists Their 10 Most Annoying Diners

Would you add to the list? Some are more relevant to those who work in restaurants (vs. those who just go out to eat a lot).

The Chicago Tribune's 10 most annoying diners:

1. Sit far from the table then not moving up when someone tries to squeeze by.

2. Stuff tiny bottles of jam into pockets, purse et al.

3. Bring one's own salt to a restaurant.

4. Scream conversations so the rest of us can’t enjoy a quiet meal.

5. Linger FOREVER over empty wineglasses in a small restaurant while it’s clear that other parties are waiting to be seated.

6. Chew with one's mouth open.

7. Talk loudly on a cell phone. Worse than a screaming baby.

8. Document every course with flash cameras (take pictures next to windows instead!)

9. Leisurely enter during the winter only to let cold air blow on all diners already seated.

10. Use a cloth napkin as a lipstick blotter — or any napkin to blow your nose at a table.


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