Kindai Tuna: A Sustainable Answer? |

Kindai Tuna: A Sustainable Answer?

For the last few years, Tuna has been a hot topic in our industry. Experts generally agree that we're consuming it faster than the ocean can restock. There's a new approach to raising tuna -called Kindai Tuna- that is quite different from both catching wild tuna & ranched tuna. Wild tuna are obviously caught in the wild, but so are ranched tunas. These are caught in the wild as small fish but then fattened up in big ocean pens.

Kindai tuna are farm raised from eggs hatched in a laboratory, not from young fish taken from the wild. Many chefs and their customers are looking to this new approach to help save the world's supply of tuna, and are even looking to it to provide lower levels of mercury in the fish being served. It's just beginning to hit the market now, but holds huge possibilities.
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