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Onion Shortage Underway

You may have noticed onion prices increasing, especially white onions. Huge amounts of rain wiped out much of the onion crops in Texas and northern Mexico (you've also probably noticed most onions are quite soft right now) and growers are trying to recoup losses with high prices right now. Additionally, white onions are much more delicate and in some cases unavailable. Baldour Foods is paying approximately 350% more for Spanish onions than they were this time last year, and about 640% more for white onions!

As the weather evens out, prices should stabilize again. Onions are typically easy to store, so the shortage is causing a unusual market hiccup.
Source: Internal source at the CIA

UPDATE 4.14.10

Idaho/Oregon: Storage onions are gone with the exception of just a few shippers. These onions have been in storage for about six months. It is possible that some sprouting will occur as the onions are moved from a controlled storage environment to warmer spring air. Prices are at record levels.

Texas: The Texas onion crop is behind schedule due to an unfavorable winter. It was expected that most shippers would be able to start with full volume this week. However, rain in both Texas and Mexico has nearly stopped production. Rain continues to be in the forecast for the next five days. The worst case scenario would be for it to rain every day and then take four days to dry out. This would mean no volume of onions would be available out of Texas until late next week. Prices are at record levels.

California: Will start with onions the week of 4/26 in the Imperial Valley. Growers are anticipating excellent yields and production. This might be the best option for new crop onions with Texas being hit or miss.


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