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Oysters Considered Vegan Friendly?

Self proclaimed oyster-eating vegan Christopher Cox of Slate Magazine just posted an article explaining why he thinks oysters fit within the vegan diet.

Cox says that the two biggest reasons to become vegan are that "raising animals for food 1. destroys the planet and 2. causes those animals to suffer."

First Cox points out that oysters have no central nervous system, so his vegan guilt for possible oyster suffering is alleviated. As for the environmental side of raising oysters, Cox writes:

"No forests are cleared for oysters, no fertilizer is needed, and no grain goes to waste to feed them—they have a diet of plankton, which is about as close to the bottom of the food chain as you can get."

What do you think? Vegan blasphemy or should everyone just enjoy some oysters?


montreal • 04/18/2010
Sounds like someone fell off their vegan wagon.
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