Induction Cooking in Today's NYT Food Section |

Induction Cooking in Today's NYT Food Section

Today's Dining & Wine section of the New York Times has short but interesting article on the pros and cons of induction cooking. A lot of the information is directed toward home cooks, but reports from the kitchen at Marlow & Sons show how the lack of excess heat from induction burners make a tiny basement kitchen workable without a legit ANSUL System and no crazy high temperatures. On the flipside, Thi Tran of LA's Asian restaurant Starry Kitchen says "If you gave me a choice, I would definitely prefer gas, especially if I am making fried rice. When I do fried rice, I have to toss it around. With induction, you have to kind of stir-fry, and it doesn’t get that charred kind of charcoal taste.”

What's your preference? Would you work with a good induction burner over a hot gas burner?
Source: NYT


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