Foie Gras Protest at Telepan Spurs Foie Promotion at Compass |

Foie Gras Protest at Telepan Spurs Foie Promotion at Compass

After the Animal Protection & Rescue League threatened picketing Bill Telepan's restaurant, the GM at Compass in New York City is pushing foie gras on their menu.

From "GM Rob Burns sends out an email today about a visit from a disappointed diner who said he would promote the restaurant to his "hundreds of contacts in the in the pharmaceutical industry" if they would just remove foie gras from the menu. Burns, a staunch supporter of both organic and sustainable food and foie gras of the Hudson Valley, has decided to do the opposite: '...starting next week we will be offering our guests, that wish to try, a foie gras amuse bouche as well as featuring a different foie gras appetizer every night. We look forward to seeing you!'"
Source: Eater


mythchef • 03/29/2010
Right on
kaffeenjunkie • 03/29/2010
I hope Rob will feed the protestors a tasty vegan app on the house evey day that they show up too. To deny some elses enjoyment because it doesn't match your world view smacks of disingenuous arrogance.
chefara • 03/29/2010
Well, kafeenjunkie...take your last sentence and apply it to those protestors...hmmm....let's see...WHO is trying to "deny someone else's enjoyment becaue it doesn't match their world view, smacking of disingenuous arrogance?" Oh, I'm sorry...that would be you and those aforementioned protestors. Let's give three cheers to Rob Burns and others like him
sukalia • 03/29/2010
I am glad to see an individual stand against the snarling face of those bullying rights groups. Kudos to GM Burns.
chefbebert • 03/29/2010
Je suis tres content de voir qu'il y a des personnes qui n'ont pas peur de ces gens la. Traduction: Good for you Rob, don't let them intimidate youFoie gras is the best
bclarke001 • 03/29/2010
I wish I lived a little closer? Sock it to 'em RobBruce in Central VA
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