Chicken Wing Prices Keep Going Up |

Chicken Wing Prices Keep Going Up

NPR is reporting that wholesale chicken wing prices have doubled over the last decade. Once considered a throwaway part, they were mainly used to draw drinkers into bars. Ivano Toscani, owner of The Anchor Bar in Buffalo N.Y. (original home of the Buffalo wing) says "I remember when wings, they used to throw them away,"but now "Every time that there is Christmas, wings go up. Super Bowl, wings go up — but the problem is they never come down. They go up and they stay there."

At the same time, chicken breast prices are slumping.

"As pricey as chicken wings have been getting until quite recently, they are not enough to carry the bird, so to speak," says Richard Lobb, spokesperson for the National Chicken Council, based in Washington, D.C
Source:NPR via The Consumerist


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