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Charroux Mustard

The Moutarde de Charroux is considered one of the best in the world. It is processed traditionally by a single family, following the ancestral recipe of French "Moutarde." A century old grindstone crushes the entire mustard seed (shell included), which gives the incredible texture of the Charroux mustard. The secret "verjus" made of wine, vinegar, spices and salt is later added. At the very end , the white wine of St. Pourçain (Tressalier grape) , which has the prestigious AOC label, is added. To make the red and sweeter "Purple Mustard of Charroux" red grape juice from nearby St Pourçain sur Sioule is used.

Professionals noticed recently a sharp decrease in quality of the so called "French mustards." Sadly there is no more mustard production in Dijon, the Grey Poupon® (despite the French colors on the jar) is made industrially in the USA by Kraft foods. The same applies to Maille®, carrying a French flag, which is made by Unilever in Canada. As the price of mustard seeds quadrupled in 4 years, there are less and less mustard seeds in industrial mustard (-17%) . To the contrary, coloring agents, starch, caramel(!!), citric acid increase and pervert the taste.
Charroux Mustard has been adopted by many talented chefs around the world. The taste and texture are incomparable: Jean-Noël Prade, editor of the Epicurean Revue said "It is totally different than ordinary mustards, the texture is naturally grainy and crunchy. The taste is like a rare Bordeaux wine diverse, strong, not acidic and very subtle. It's why despite its price it is used by top chefs."


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