NYC DOH Letter Grades Are A Go |

NYC DOH Letter Grades Are A Go

It's confirmed; New York City Board of Health has decided that all restaurants across NYC will be required to post large letter grades showing the results of their most recent health inspection.

According to the Health Dept., if a restaurant gets an "A," they get the certificate immediately. If the inspection gets a grade below "A," restaurants have one month to get up to "A" status before having to post the lower grade. If the restaurant owner contests their sub-A grade, they can show “grade pending” signs until their case goes before the Health Department’s Administrative Tribunal.


kewchef • 03/22/2010
I don't like what the health dept. doing. it is a west of tax payer money. and a west of money that can be used for other things. if it was me I would not put it up and fight it because it weste my money. chef Wilson
wgetchell001 • 03/23/2010
It's WASTE and anything that concerns public health is NOT a waste of money. In Arizona they have been doing this for years and it works. ChefLCB
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