NYC Salt Legislation Getting Out of Control |

NYC Salt Legislation Getting Out of Control

Mayor Bloomberg's call to reduce the sodium in NYC's diet met some skepticism with the restaurant industry, but proposed legislation from New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz would outright ban the use of salt in food prepared in restaurants. Illustrating a base understanding of food preparation, Ortiz told Nation’s Restaurant News, “consumers have more control over the amount of sodium they intake, and are given the option to exercise healthier diets and healthier lifestyles."

The legislation calls for a $1,000 fine for each use of salt. It's hard to imagine something like this ever getting put into law, but it's certainly worth monitoring.


klane001 • 03/11/2010
Wow. Thats rediculous
lkacala001 • 03/15/2010
Is Big Brother watching
mythchef • 03/15/2010
george orwell here we come
garthur • 03/15/2010
This is unbeleivableProcessed food has such high amounts of sodium, sweetners, artificial everthing and a politician wants to control my use of the salt shakerHow will they enforce it? Send in the salt police? I think we have better things to look at in this country than governing salt usage by restaurant chefs. I can not add salt to my food at a guests request because I cook from scratch. It can not be removed from processed foodsI would never pay the fine so would I go to jail or would they seize the business?
haisoodewa • 03/15/2010
Today the New York Post quoted Bloomberg himself saying: "I think it's ridiculous...You have to have salt when you cook. I do. I use too much salt already myself. But also it makes a lot of foods, the way you cook them and bake them -- salt is a real ingredient. So I don't think that's the right thing to do."
rcheramie001 • 03/15/2010
Singularly and absolutely, the most ridiculous idea ever to be even thought aboutThe constituents of Mr. Ortiz should vote him out for wasting time and energy on such a notionWhat an idiot
lchurch001 • 03/15/2010
After a dish comes out of the kitchen and the diner adds his own amount of salt is he also going to be fined? Come on New York get a life and don't go all big brother
bclarke001 • 03/15/2010
Frivolous/ridiculous, Mr. Ortiz should be blowing smoke somewhere, a man w/his talent should be able to figure that out easily? What a waste of legislation/$.
montreal • 03/16/2010
Clearly Felix Ortiz and company are ignorant about cooking AND have nothing better to do with their time. Feed them lifeless dinner for a week and they'll change their tune.
mwhite003 • 03/22/2010
Hey take the salt off the tables and see how the guests like that. If we can't trust the kitchen to do their job right then we are in for a lot of trouble. Chef's take a stand
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