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Dan Barber's Foie Gras Parable

TED Talks has posted a captivating presentation by Dan Barber discussing foie gras-specifically a "natural foie gras producer" in Spain. The talk discusses some general points about our global food industry, but focuses on this particular method of producing foie gras. It's nothing short of fascinating.

Dan Barber TED Talks Video


bobdelgrosso • 03/15/2010
According to colleagues at a major US foie gras producer the method Barber describes is not sustainable for commercial production. The birds only engorge once a year, precluding year round production and the yield of liver is wildly erratic. My contacts have tried to duplicate this method and would love to make it work, but are not optimistic.
jezratty001 • 11/16/2011
What a great video - asks some really important questions about food values. On of the side messages i especially like is the idea that some ingredients are too special to let chefs play with - too perfect on their own. Happy to have re-stumbled on this video.
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