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NYC Proposal for Mandatory Sick Days in the Restaurant Industry

The proposal to make paid sick days mandatory in the NYC restaurant industry continues to fire up everyone involved. Workers argue it's a right enjoyed by just about every other industry in the country. Owners like Landmarc's Marc Murphy argue it will put a lot of restaurants out of business.

Both sides have valid points. Cooks do get sick, they prepare food for others, and should be entitled to the same rights as other members of the American work force.
But this business gets hit particularly hard when someone calls in sick. There are rarely extra hands in a restaurant, so if someone can't make it, someone else gets called in. And if the business owner is paying for sick days, now he or she is paying 2x.

Marc Murphy also points out that many of the hypothetical sick days are actually "Hangover/I'm Sick Leave Days,' which may be slightly off topic, but it's hard to argue with him.

We have a good mix of line cooks, servers, & restaurant owners here at GigaChef-what's your take on Mandatory Sick Days for people in the industry? Long overdue or unfair burden on the business?


meganellis • 02/26/2010
I dont agree with paid sick days. Im only 20 years old but when i decided to enter this industry i knew what i was getting into, but i wanted it. i also think that most sick days are just days that people are to hungover to come into work. this industry is known for drinkers and drugies and tough ass work, if someone wants to cry paid sick days find another industry. i think this whole thing probally started with the unions pushing thier luck and trying to get cheap labor to try and support them.
haisoodewa • 03/03/2010
I have a hard time imaging paid sick days in our industry. And there's so much turnoverhow do you decide how many sick days to allot your workers when the average employee only sticks around for 4 months? That being said, I've had a few days when I've been sent home because there was no question I was honestly sick. Would have loved to get paid for a whole day.
pshort001 • 03/03/2010
The issue, I would think, is more about having sick employees handling food and spreading their illness amongst the other employees. Treat employees well and they tend to show more loyal behaviors towards the establishment. Treat people like "dogs" and they act like "dogs". Making money off the back of someone who has the flu and infecting your custormer base just does not make sense. Let one take a sic day and you may have less expense or have them come in and work, infect the staff, your customer base and now you may have to pay more in over time expenses and other issues.
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