California is Cracking Down on House Infused Spirits |

California is Cracking Down on House Infused Spirits

Reports are coming in that the Alcohol Beverage Control of California is cracking down on bars and restaurants that are infusing spirits in house. The crackdown is a result of an industry report released by the ABC.
The report says. "It has come to the attention of the Department that some on-sale licensees are exceeding their license privileges by engaging in rectification of distilled spirits in violation of Section 23355 of the Business and Professions Code.

Rectification is any process or procedure whereby distilled spirits are cut, blended, mixed or infused with any ingredient which reacts with the constituents of the distilled spirits and changes the character and nature or standards of identity of the distilled spirits.

One example of rectification is, but not necessarily limited to, creating products such as “lemoncello” or “limoncello” in which sugar and citrus products are combined with vodka and stored, initiating a maturation process which consequently changes the character and nature of the vodka, and possibly its alcohol content.

The simple mixing of alcoholic beverages with other ingredients for immediate consumption is not considered rectification."
Anyone in the industry can tell you that house altered spirits play a critical role not only in progressing the mixology field, but also in preparing many classic cocktails. We will see how long the crackdown lasts & maybe see some innovative ways businesses are addressing the new enforcement.


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