No Breaks for NYC Food Cart Vendors |

No Breaks for NYC Food Cart Vendors

2.24.10 UPDATE: Vendors are protesting outside NYC Department of Health Offices.

Eater NY has received word that the NYC Department of Health is now enforcing a rule that chains vendors to their food carts (not allowing bathroom breaks). The policy went into effect January 1st and puts vendors at risk of losing their carts if caught leaving for even a brief moment.
"Mohammed Shirajul Islam, a roasted peanut vendor near City Hall for the last ten years, had his permit confiscated last week when he left his cart to use the bathroom. His peanut business allows him to provide for his wife and four children. The vendor members and representatives from the Street Vendor Project will call for the DOH to repeal the policy or amend it to allow vendors a reasonable amount of time to attend to emergencies." -Eater NY
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