Adria Leaks Some Details for El Bulli 2.0 |

Adria Leaks Some Details for El Bulli 2.0

In an interview with Time Magazine, Ferran Adria has finally aired some details of the future of El Bulli. There was plenty of speculation that the restaurant would become a culinary school, but Adria says that during the restaurant's 2 year hiatus, that will not be the case. Instead, he and his staff will be working with 25 young chefs a year to develop new food preparation techniques ("This is about creativity more than cooking...We're not going to be teaching anyone how to break down a cod.") Each year the work will be documented in a video and book that will be sold to public.
Adria had been able to make money through speaking engagements & publications related to El Bulli, but the restaurant itself is rumored to cost a lot more money than it pulled in. However, the big news in the interview is that Adria says El Bulli will continue to feed customers. He says it may likely only be 60 a year though, so getting a reservation once they reopen may be much harder than before it closed.
Source: Time Magazine via Eater


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