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Selling Umami in a Tube

Taste No 5 umami paste is going on sale in Britain next week. Laura Santtini, who runs her family's Italian restaurant in London, developed the "tube of umami"because she "wanted to get away from the notion that umami is something of interest to scientists that no one else can really understand. The truth is that umami should be of interest to anyone who has a tongue."
The Taste No 5 paste contains pureed anchovy and porcini mushroom; the UK's The Independent polled some everyday people for reactions:

Danny Hall, 27, magician, east London

It's a nice taste but not a new one. It's fishy, it reminds me of sardines. I'd use it as a dip for sushi.

Gala Vukicevic, 22, fashion worker, Paris

I enjoyed it. I'd use it to cook meat dishes because it's like a tomato purée. But it's not a new taste.

Annie Smith, 77, retired teacher, north-west London

It certainly doesn't have a nice aftertaste. I am slightly suspicious of it. I don't think it has a wholesome quality.

Stefany Baloche, 22, student, Paris

It is pleasant, it has a taste of olives and tomato so I would make pasta dishes with it.

Mijanou Dilks, 24, lawyer, west London

It's a vaguely familiar taste, similar to tomatoes and olives, but there's something unnatural about it.


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